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In the six years of writing a weekly blog here, I’ve often referenced the importance of living life in the present moment. While I certainly would love to delve into all the benefits that living in the present has for us, this week’s blog has a twist. I’d like to share a curious complication that arises when we actually choose to be present.

What happens when the present moment is uncomfortable? Or difficult? Or painful? Or tragic? What happens when we are stuck in situations that make us feel like we don’t have choices? How can we continue our practice of positive present moment living when the present moment is full of difficulty or discomfort?

I think facing this life issue head on is the true work and the real practice of coming to live with ease and acceptance. The truth is life is difficult, disappointing, and upsetting sometimes. It’s crucial to learn how to manage these moments and equip ourselves with the tools to carry us through.

The past few weeks I have felt that living in the present moment has been challenging. There’s been a lot happening in the world and in my own life that has made me feel powerless and sad. Remember, we can’t always control what happens in the external world, but we can always influence our reactions to it.

And so, rather than shying away from what actually is happening, I remembered my dedication to owning whatever is showing up in my life and the world around me, honor it, and take whatever aligned actions from there to work towards my highest ideals and goals. And this is what I wish to pass along to you this week!

My gentle reminders for maneuvering through difficulty in the present moment, whatever these moments bring to you day in and day out.

1. Remember that you’re doing the best you can. If you’re facing difficulty and struggle, don’t double down on yourself thinking that you’re doing something wrong. Rather, remember that in any given moment, we’re all just doing the best we can with what we’ve been given. Be kind and gentle with yourself if you’re going through harder times.

2. Remember that there is always a silver lining. Difficult moments, though obviously challenging and unpleasant often have life changing lessons or eye-opening break throughs. Rather than continuously focusing on the difficulty, try to find that glimmer of hope and opportunity that can arise out of the discomfort.

3. Remember that this too, shall pass. It can be easy to assume that when life is presently hard, it will always be hard. It can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But it’s so important to remember that the light is always there. No bad times are permanent, and it’s up to us to change our mindsets to remember that situations change, people change, and we can choose how to move forward from challenges.

4. Remember that this moment will never be repeated. I’ve gone through difficult circumstances in the past where I’ve looked back and regretted my escapism or the ways that I wasn’t present. No matter what has happened or is happening, remember that each moment is fleeting, each circumstance is unique, each period of time in our lives has a certain purpose for our own unique life paths. In being present to each moment and phase and honoring it for what it is, we take in the lessons, power, and importance of the teachable moments in our lives.

5. Remember to focus on what’s going right. When things are going wrong, it’s so easy to tune into all of things that aren’t going our way. Which leads to our discomfort increasing exponentially. When the present moment provides unpleasant moments, take a moment to redirect your mind to the things that are going well in your life. The victories. The small wins. The positives. The happiness. The little joys. Remind yourself of the good to get you through the bad.

I hope these little reminders help you to find some ease and peace when dealing with difficult moments that are presenting themselves, now. It’s also important to remember that no person is perfect, we are all learning and growing as we go along, and that’s life!

I would love to keep the conversation going in the comments below, let me know your thoughts!



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