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When you hear the word meditation what do you think of? Is it comforting? Does it make you feel uneasy? There are a lot of emotions that come up for people when discussing meditation. For many, it’s a foreign concept. For some, it’s a daily staple. This week, we are going to break down the mystery of meditation, how it can benefit your life right now, and how it can work for anyone, in any religion.

Whether you are part of an organized religion or choose to lead a spiritual life, meditation can be an integral part of your life. Taking away all the stigmas and connotations we have learned throughout the years about meditation, all it simply is, is sitting in stillness to connect with yourself (or God), however you choose to view it. There are many different ways one can meditate. You can close your eyes and focus on an object, a word, your breath, or a prayer. It does not promote worshiping a certain deity or organization. You can tailor it to work perfectly for your life and your beliefs.

The benefits of meditation cannot be measured, but to name a few it can: improve concentration, relieve stress, calm the mind, improve sleep, and allow you to align with your true self. The list can go on and on, but for me it seems like a no brainer to at least consider incorporating meditation into your life. Check out some simple tips below on how to comfortably and easily add a meditation practice into your life, for a more peaceful way of living.

1. Set aside a quiet space. Having a whole meditation room isn’t necessary here. Choose a comfortable, quiet part of your home where you can feel relaxed and at peace. Somewhere you won’t be bothered and can really take the time to sit in stillness and connect with yourself. You’ll grow fond of this space.

2. Start small. No one expects you to meditate for hours on end right away. Take baby steps. A simple five minutes right when you wake up can truly alter the course of your day. Being still and coming back to your center can bring an instant sense of peace in your life.

3. Make the Time. The number one reason people use to not meditate in the morning is that there just isn’t enough time. While I can respect and relate to this qualm, I also have a comeback for it. Make this of importance to yourself; you know the benefits you can receive if you stick with it. Set your alarm just a little bit earlier, go to bed a little bit earlier and allow yourself the time to sit in silence and connect with yourself.

4. Be Consistent. Make a promise to yourself that you will meditate every morning. We know from above your practice doesn’t have to take up much of your time, so honor yourself by practicing consistently.

5. Be Open to Change. Be present and allow your body and mind to transform throughout your practice. Notice your thought patterns becoming more tranquil. We incorporate these tools to promote positive changes in our lives, be open to them.

Have you recently started meditating? How has it worked for you? Let us know of your results!

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