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I tend to be a perfectionist about certain things, especially when it comes to being on a spiritual path. I tend to want to be perfect, do everything “right”, and make all the best decisions for myself and my life. Being an idealist is great, and having positive mentality is wonderful, the problem lies in having the expectation that we cannot fail, and then ultimately beating ourselves up when we do misstep. I’ve experienced this a bit lately, when I’ve judged some of my life choices that I’ve made, and have given myself a hard time for not being better. But then, I remember what I tell you guys on the blog all the time, we just have to learn from our life experiences and desire to do better in the future.

Life is not meant to be perfected; but rather it’s meant to be lived, experienced, and learned from. This week I’m going to work on dropping the desire to be perfect, and simply focus on being the best I can be in each moment. Want to join in? Here are some tips I follow to find lesson and meaning in my mistakes and to learn to let go of the perfectionist mentality.

  1. Forgive and love yourself. We tend to be our own worst critics, forgive yourself for that mindset; love yourself for where you are right now. This is at the top of my list because it can often times be the most challenging. The inner self-critic and negative thoughts can make any situation that much worse.
  2. Remember that everything happens for a reason; see what you can learn in each and every situation. Find out that lesson, contemplate it, and try to incorporate what you’ve learned into your life for next time.
  3. Reframe the situation. We like to write stories in our heads of how bad our mistakes are, usually we make it worse than it actually is. What would happen if we re-wrote the situation to make it better? Can you find a silver lining?
  4. Feel your feelings, while staying positive. It’s great to feel feelings, but don’t dwell in the negative. Go through the necessary emotions, and then let them go.
  5. Remember this too shall pass. Life is constantly in motion and whatever we are dwelling on in this moment will soon be a fleeting memory. Try to stay present, be gentle with yourself, and know that everything will work out exactly as it should.

How do you get over the hurdles of the mistakes in your life? Let me know!

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