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Whether we are conscious of it or not, a lot of us carry around anger and angst from situations and events that happened days, months, or even years ago. We hold on to these feelings of hurt and anger, because, since we were wronged in some way, we naturally feel to let the world know we’re angry, we’re hurt, we’re upset. In the worst ways, we become victims to our situations. We use our lives pasts as an excuse to not be happy. In reality, who really gets hurt when we do this? Does the person we simply can’t forgive get hurt? Maybe, but in most cases, the only person who truly is effected by this anger is ourselves. Forgiveness is such an important tool in our constant growth in life. When we forgive, we let go. When we let go, we create space for more wonderful, positive, new experiences in life. So, how can we learn to forgive what has happened in our past?

Here are five things to keep in mind, when you start to get really peeved about someone or something that is no longer serving you:

  • Life is full of lessons. What do you think that person, situation, experience was supposed to teach you? Certainly it wasn’t meant to haunt you for the rest of our life. Take a step back and find the real purpose.
  • Always, always, always be present. Whenever you live in the past or the future, you are living in anxiety. Come back to the now and the what is.
  • Things happen for a reason. Yes, sometimes we get some really crummy things that pop up in life. Whatever it was, it somehow brought you to where you are today. It was simply part of your path in life.
  • Look into your mirrors. Generally, the people who bother us the most are the ones mirroring back something we dislike in ourselves. Take a look at why a situation or person upset you, and see if there is something within yourself you can work on.
  • Keep moving forward. Looking back to what was will not get you to where you want to be. Don’t stay stagnant; push through your negative emotions.

Have you forgiven lately? How have you noticed changes in your life when you have let go of a past event?

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