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I’ve been going to self-help, meditation, yoga, and mindfulness seminars for years. My intention of doing all this has been to be the best person I can be, but also to tap into my own sense of inner strength and intuition. I desire to create a life I love; one that flows effortlessly and is lead by my own inner guide. I will be the first to admit that doing this has been hard work and at times, frustrating.

I’ve learned so much from every single lecture I’ve been to, but one thing that has always irked me is when people make the assumption that it’s an easy task to tap into your intuition, follow your inner guide, or even recognize signs from the Universe. I’ve been in so many seminars feeling like I’m the odd one out who just doesn’t have the capability to cultivate these tools that seem so easy for everyone else. In my opinion, tapping into your intuition and spiritual tools takes practice, patience, and work. It takes dedication; it takes research, finding what methods and techniques work for you. There isn’t a magic potion or secret trick, but it’s a lifestyle and way of life. I write this blog for those of you who struggle, like me to “get connected”. Below I’ll give you some methods that have worked for me, in hopes of guiding you to a happy, connected life.

  • Meditation. One of the best ways to access your intuition is by simply sitting with yourself everyday, in silence for a few minutes. Close your eyes, focus on your breath, and just be comfortable sitting with yourself. It’s there that we start to connect, and gradually this daily practice strengthens that connection.
  • Journaling. Another tool that I love, journaling is the practice of letting thoughts stream from pen to paper. Don’t edit, don’t even try to make it pretty or rational. Just streamline your thoughts onto paper. Sometimes people feel in mediation that they were too much in their heads, journaling allows you to get those thoughts out and really witness what is actually going on in your mind. Try incorporating a journaling practice first thing in the morning or even before bed.
  • Yoga. My yoga practice has helped me immensely in connecting with my intuition and even getting in touch with my body. For me, yoga is moving meditation, where you take your mind off the crazy thoughts of the external world and simply focus on the postures and your breath. I come up with so many great ideas in my yoga practice; it’s definitely a go-to for me.
  • Checking in with your body. One of my favorite life coaches taught me to start checking in with signals from my body throughout the day. Just like your body tells you when it’s thirsty or hungry, it sends signs when you’re doing something that makes your soul happy, or if you’re not. Start to notice how your body feels when making decisions, or even in random situations throughout the day. Learn your body’s ways of communicating with you.
  • Asking for guidance, and listening. Begin conversation with your intuition, whether it’s in prayer or even journaling. Ask for what you want or need clarification and start to try and listen for answers. Be aware of signs that pop up in your life throughout the day. Learn to trust your inner guide that it won’t lead you astray.

I hope this helps you in some way! Stick with a practice that works for you and pay attention to how your connection grows! Let me know what works for you!

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