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Do you trust yourself? Do you even know if you trust yourself? Do you know why it’s important to trust yourself?

I honestly didn’t have the answers to these questions not too long ago. To be honest, I never really even thought about it. When it comes to trust, I always have placed my attention to the external, rather than even contemplating what that would mean to turn it around on myself.

The moment I brought this concept inward, I discovered the answers to my original questions. The truth was I didn’t trust myself, and I had no idea that I even felt that way. I was also completely unaware of the toll that it was taking in my life.

I started to take note of the side effects of my lack of trust: indecision, confusion, anxiety, sadness, and moodiness. Of course, these are symptoms that I often work to lessen, not strengthen, and so I knew that trust had to be a priority in the work I was doing on my self.

I think cultivating a sense of trusting yourself has three basic components:

Feeling safe:

So often we feel that it’s unsafe to trust ourselves, as if we need approval from some higher authority or from someone who you actually do trust. What if we could feel safe to trust the ideas and beliefs from within? We would feel confident to speak our truths, blaze our own trails, and feel empowered to fulfill our purposes in life.


I believe that trust from within starts when we deeply know and connect with ourselves. So often we identify with everything in the external world and never truly have the chance to get to know who we truly are. When you know who you are, you know what you want. You also know your boundaries, your desires, and where to go and what to do. Indecision and confusion begin to fall away when you know yourself.

Belief and reinforcement:

Just like with any other thoughts in the mind, it’s important to monitor and counteract the thoughts that keep you from your goal of trust. Reinforce the notion that you are trustworthy, believe in what you believe, and stand strong in your convictions.

I hope this helps you on your own journey to trusting yourself. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments!


Xo, Michelle







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