I know that “purpose” is an incredibly hot self-help buzzword these days. If you were to do an internet search on the word, you would probably find dozens of events, workshops, and even blogs hoping to teach about the importance of purpose, and how you can find it.

For a long, long time I lived in the purpose rabbit hole. I read the blogs and attended the workshops because I believed that purpose was incredibly important, and that, if I really wanted to be successful and better yet, live a fulfilled life, I had to find my purpose.

While deeply stuck in that hole, I believed that purpose was a tangible, knowable thing that functioned outside of myself. And it felt very, very elusive to me under those circumstances. I thought that if I dug deep enough and did enough work, I would magically come up with a title or answer that would completely define my purpose, and why I’m here on this planet.

But honestly, that moment of clarity (at least in the definition above) never came. And I felt really confused and down on myself because of that. I envied my friends who could define their purpose easily with a simple word or title—doctor, lawyer, astrologer, coach, etc.

I craved the security of falling into a place of what I thought purpose was. But none of those titles and words ever fit me. It didn’t come easily, and I struggled with that.

I thought for a long, long time that me not fitting into the standard “purpose” boxes or titles meant that there was something wrong with me. But now, I’ve come to learn that it taught me something much deeper. It helped me to redefine what purpose really is, and how it authentically plays a role in my life.

Purpose isn’t solely what you do and how you spend your time. Purpose is the energy that you bring to your life and to the people you interact with every single day. Purpose is an honoring of who you are in each moment. It is knowing that you, your life circumstances, and desires will change over time. Purpose isn’t an external title, but rather it is an inner desire to show up every single day as the best version of yourself.

It is in those definitions that my purpose becomes clear because I know without a shred of doubt, the kind of person I want to be. And that person can show up in any external title that presents itself in my life. It isn’t my talents, my skills, or even my influence that gives me purpose, but rather, it is the feeling I have inside when I know I’m doing things that are aligned with my soul.

When we start to look at purpose from this place, it no longer feels scary when life changes around us because we are solid from the inside out. Purpose no longer becomes something of privilege because it lives in all of us, no matter our backgrounds. It is in this lens that purpose becomes inclusive and easily attainable, so long as we go within ourselves to find the answers that we seek.

If any of you have ever felt how I felt about navigating purpose, I hope this helps you and brings you a sense of peace and relief. It certainly has for me.

If you feel called to share your experiences with your purpose, I’d love to read about it in the comments.



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