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As days pass and time moves forward, our lives change and we begin to think about the self-imposed timeline that we believe we must strictly adhere to in order to be happy, successful, and loved. Time has a really interesting way of making us feel like we are not enough, as we are, in this very moment. How crazy is that?!

With this in mind, my message for you this week is two-fold:

1. It is never too late to fulfill ANY dream.
2. You are always enough exactly as you are.

In case you disagree with me on either of these points, which chances are, some of you might, I’ll break it down for you why I feel this way.

Important point #1:
While we all live very different lives with different paths, there are certain boxes many of us feel that we must have checked, by a certain time in our lives, in order to matter or to feel worthy. While time may play a factor in very, very specific goals or aspirations, I believe it’s important to expand our mindset and be open to the infinite possibilities the Universe can create for us. It is time to allow ourselves the opportunity to imagine alternate possibilities ― possibilities that could be greater than our wildest dreams.

The way I see it, we use a small fraction of our brains; science has proven this. Isn’t is possible that the “ideal life” the small fraction of the brain thought for us, could be less than what the infinite Universe could be planning?

With this in mind, it is never too late to create all that you desire, even when you think you have missed your chance, remind yourself that it’s your mind that keeps you in that limited timeline that truly does not exist. Remind yourself to rewrite the story, do not fixate on the negative or the seeming impossible, and be open to what could exist. Start to be creative with the ways you fulfill your deepest desires.

A great way to get into this creative mindset is to start to think about how you want to feel rather than the boxes of life cred you want checked. Begin pursuing the things that make you smile, light you up inside, and are in alignment with the way you truly want to feel. There are many more roads to your desires than the one or two that your mind may have you believe. You have infinite possibilities awaiting you and in the end your feelings are more important than bragging rights.

Important point #2:
Even if none of what I said in important point #1 happens, or even if you totally dismiss all of it, I urge you to remember that where you are, right this very moment is enough. It’s valid. It’s important. It’s for a reason. Don’t deny this moment because you don’t think it’s good enough. Honor every single period in your life, even the seemingly mundane or unimportant ones. Give life everything you have in this very moment. The valleys are what ultimately bring you to the peaks. Our suffering comes from wanting to be “there” instead of embracing the moment for all it has to offer.

Wishing you so much love and acceptance of wherever life brings you today!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in our lives seen and unseen.
May you be safe, happy and well knowing your presence makes a difference.

xoxo, Michelle

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